Durashocks from Wolverine keep you going

Your feet are torturing you! You’re ready to pull off your work boots and throw them against the nearest wall at the end of the day (or perhaps as early as your lunch break). Wolverine Durashocks boots are a better approach to reduce strain and stress produced by compression from standing on your feet for hours at a time. Wolverine has been in business for nearly 20 years, selling over 25 million pairs of men’s and women’s boots. So you might say they are well-versed in terms of comfort and durability.

Durashocks technology was developed in 1991. This lightweight design works specifically to relieve pressure, which aids in the reduction of foot and leg fatigue. Instead of wishing the workday away, you’ll be hoping for overtime hours with comfort technology like this. Because your feet will be resting on soft polyurethane footbeds, standing for extended periods of time will be a breeze. This sort of footbed construction keeps a spring in your stride and extends the life of cushioning footbeds. Wolverine offers a 30-day comfort guarantee, which should reduce some of your worries and provide you with piece of mind.

So, how does the Durashocks technology work? We appreciate your inquiry. According to the Wolverine brand, it turns shock to energy while providing all-day comfort. The entire point of this is to restore energy to your feet. To keep the pace flowing, there are Durashocks compression pads in the outsoles’ heels and forefoot areas, which effectively alleviate extreme compression. They distribute the stress from contacts with the ground across the whole length of your feet, rather than just the heels or balls of your feet at first. This reduces the strain on your hardworking feet and makes your steps much more comfortable. This will assist not just your feet, but also your ankles, knees, and legs. This one-of-a-kind design can assist you every day. Durashocks boots and work shoes are offered at Working Person’s Store in a variety of styles. You’ll discover what you’re looking for with styles including 6″ brown steel toe boots, 8″ tan electrical hazard certified insulated boots, and elegant black steel toe oxford shoes. There are numerous more possibilities available, and the various extra characteristics incorporated (slip-resistance, waterproofing, and more!) can let you keep your work footwear on for longer than usual. So go ahead and work some more hours as your feet rest comfortably in Wolverine Durashocks.