Pole Barn House Interior

You will get all of the inspiration you need to build the most magnificent pole barn home of your dreams right here!

Pole barns are at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to stylish and functional home ideas!

There are numerous reasons why individuals choose pole barn homes to regular or modular made homes.

Building or purchasing a pole barn home is a low-cost choice with modern architectural options.

The primary distinction between a pole barn home and a regular home is that a pole barn house does not have a foundation like a conventional house, but instead is supported by poles driven into the ground, hence the name pole barn.

A post barn house is an interesting type of house that is all the rage right now. With farmhouses, barndominiums, and rustic decor on trend, we just had to search for post barn houses, too. Why?

Why not?

Post barn houses are houses that resemble barns on the outside. But this is not what defines them. What defines a post barn home is the framing technique used in construction, which is anything but typical.

What is a pole barn house?

A post barn is a barn that uses post frame construction. Post frame construction is a way of building structures without interior walls.

So you have poles that support the roof and the upper story, if there is an upper story. This offers a large, open-concept look that is inviting, breathable, and unique. But like everyone, it can be perfect for one person and terrible for another.

You can design them any way you want inside. The name simply refers to the way the framework is built. The interior is up to you as the owner.

What a Post Barn House Doesn’t Offer

Just keep in mind as you read them that these are the “cons” of a pole barn house, not the features. There are still many advantages that come naturally and are easy to see.

load-bearing walls

Because they are held up with posts and poles, a post barn house has no load-bearing walls. Therefore, you will not be placing studs or partitions to support the roof or upper floors. The Poles will do that.

Post barn houses are great for many things, but basements are not one of them. Instead, use a separate basement.

If you want a load out for your project, you’ll have a hard time getting one with a post barn house. You can give it a try, but it won’t be the typical home or construction loan you’d expect, which can be disappointing.

Barn home loan down payments are also quite expensive because it is a different type of loan. We’ll talk more about other prices later because you may have to pay everything out of pocket.

broken rooms

Although you can add walls to your stud barn home, it somewhat defeats the purpose of the open and airy concept layout. Adding them for the bathroom and bedroom can work, but too many will backfire.

Most post barn house kits do not come with footers. So if you want the added stability, you’ll need to purchase and install your own. This can be a hassle if you don’t have a lot of building experience.

Footers are recommended for houses in which you will be living. Therefore, adding them to a post barn house is highly recommended. Learn how to install footers before you build your new home.

Let’s break down the cost of building a post barn house so you can see how you can save.