Practical tips for using your football boots

Sometimes we do not give the correct use to sports equipment. With this article, in your online sportswear store, we will give you several practical tips for using your football boots. In this way you will begin to use your footwear more effectively and without the need for major changes.

Choosing the right shoes is a great advantage

The proper football boots are proven to benefit your game. Whether for speed, technique or simply for the comfort they offer. This is due to the technology applied to each piece and the different ways in which they are manufactured. Behind them there is a lot of study and research time.

There are two key factors that you must take into account for the proper use of your shoes to practice football. Either professionally or amateur. Choosing and buying the correct football boots is decisive in certain aspects such as speed and technique.

Wear the correct boots for your position on the pitch

Currently it is very difficult to associate an exclusive type of footwear for a function within the game. That is why we must know very well the pros and cons of each one in order to choose the right one. Remember that everything must go hand in hand with your needs or demands.

We can classify football boots into three main categories:

Light boots. Designed to boost speed. They are usually made of synthetic materials that reduce the overall weight. If your position requires a lot of speed to attack or defend, we recommend this type of shoe.

Classic boots. Made with natural materials that adapt to the imperfections of your foot. Although the most renowned brands have found various substitutes for this type of footwear, they have not been as effective. Comfort is its greatest advantage. They can be used in any part of the field, both for the goal and for forwards.

Armoured boots. This type of footwear basically helps to hit the ball well. They are a product of the technology and study of each instance of the game. Being the most popular on the market, they are often used in various positions, showing optimal results.

It is important to highlight that there are also mixed prototypes that can complement the shortcomings of each shoe with different details. This style of boots has some popularity, but they are not as functional in the professional field due to the demands of the game. You can consider them if your purpose is to have fun and highlight your skills.

Use the boots according to the terrain to practice

Many people are not aware of the importance of using the right shoe for each surface. This is a very serious problem that can lead to injuries if proper precautions are not taken. With the implementation of technology in the fields, the companies have made an effort to create boots according to the place of play.

Boots for natural grass. These boots are usually the most popular and most in demand in stores. Whether for soft surfaces or hard surfaces, they offer you different options that can be adapted to your needs. In general, they have soles with aluminium and rubber studs (between 8 and 14). This for greater grip and stability.

Synthetic grass boots. The shoes made for this type of surface have a certain particularity. On synthetic terrain, stability and grip are not a problem. Ball control and running comfort have to be the main benefit of these boots. They are usually made with rubber soles and with many studs to provide that comfort.

Practical tips for wearing football boots

You already have the correct boots according to your needs and those of the terrain. But, do not forget these recommendations when using them.

How to stretch football boots

Either due to little use or the manufacturing material, the boots can take up to 1 month to adapt to the shape of your foot. For this, there are several techniques that you must take into account to shorten the times. And thus enjoy all the benefits offered by Adidas football boots.

The first thing you should take into account is the material with which they are made. This can influence the techniques that you will use when increasing the size of your shoes. If you follow our advice you will be able to achieve greater comfort during the game.

Insert newspaper. Whether for synthetic or natural material, the use of paper will always be very helpful. You must do it with pressure to achieve positive results quickly. Apply this process until you feel the necessary comfort when playing.

Use double sock. This can help stretch the inside of the boot while it is worn. This technique is used by professional players with some regularity not only to stretch the shoe.