Robotics kits and robots for children from 10 to 12 years old

Looking for a robotics kit for a tween? If you want a Christmas or birthday gift that will keep you excited, deliver and get away from your mobile, here you will find the list with the best robotics toys.

Gift ideas related to programming, programmable robots and creative kits for children aged 10 and over.

At a glance: best robotics kits for ages 10 and up.

Most of these robotics kits or tech toys require no prior knowledge of electronics, programming, or soldering.

They will learn to build circuits, use computational thinking, deal with fear and frustration at mistakes, follow steps, and be patient. And all while having fun playing.

Lego Mindstorms EV3 (now Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor)

Lego Mindstorms is the dream of every child who likes Lego pieces, programming and robotics. A reference in robotics extracurricular and the most popular educational robot inside and outside the classroom, from institutes to universities.

It is no coincidence that it is the best-selling Lego set. With this robotics kit it is almost impossible to go wrong. And it also has a very powerful community that shares all kinds of ideas, challenges and tutorials.

In October 2020 it has been upgraded to Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor. New parts, motors, sensors, app, programming in Scratch, Python. Same concept behind and more geared towards attracting girls to robotics.

MBot by Makeblock

Makeblock has many proposals for maker robotics kits that are very present in classrooms. We like mBot because it is a very child-oriented introduction to robotics with Arduino.

The set includes an Arduino UNO-based mCore board, is programmed in a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 3.0, and is compatible with Lego pieces (google mbot+Lego and you’ll love it).

The mBot kit includes 38 pieces that can be easily assembled and also does not require wiring thanks to its RJ25 connectors.

It works with the app without programming but the fun is in programming it either by blocks or in Python. A very STEM robot for kids and teen makers.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit by Littlebits

A robotics kit that includes all the electronic blocks (motor, sensor, speaker) to assemble an R2D2 droid. Ideal for Star Wars fans.

Once assembled, with the Droid Inventor App (it works on iOS and Android) you can carry out missions and challenges, give the droid new abilities and it is capable of emitting up to 20 sounds from the Star Wars movies.

Also, R2D2 is reconfigurable and they can transform their original droid into whatever new robot they want.

Is your son more into the Lego universe and wants to discover robotics and programming? Do not miss the Lego Boost Star Wars from children of 8 years.

Ubtech Jimu Explorer

Jimu Explorer is the perfect educational robotics kit for kids who like to build and code. Very similar to Lego Mindstorms (but cheaper). Includes 7 servos, 1 control unit and 372 parts.

You can build 5 pre-designed animals following the 3D instructions in the app and then animate and/or program it in a visual environment of Scratch-like blocks. Or use your imagination to invent new robot designs.

SPC Apitor SuperBot Educational Robot

SuperBot Apitor is a highly recommended robotic car for any child who has not yet touched robotics and programming. Or for everyone who feels very comfortable building with Lego but has a tighter budget.

SuperBot Apitor is easy to use, reasonably priced, and intuitive Scratch-style block programming with an app available on the Google Play Store and AppStore.

Includes 18 pre-built robots with step-by-step instructions, many of them motorized with wheels. Lego compatible pieces to make new creations.

ELEGOO Tumbler Robot

Elegoo are the kings of Arduino-based boards “made in China”. Many children, adolescents and adults use them at home and in the classroom. Elegoo Tumbller is a cheaply priced robot with good quality materials.

Your children will spend hours of assembly, entertainment and learning since it is based on an open platform. Although the manufacturer recommends it “from 6 years”, in reality it is more aimed at an older audience.

Gizmos and Gadgets 2nd ed. by Littlebits

Littlebits’ most creative toolbox. Includes electronic blocks, accessories and materials to carry out 12 inventions. Some very crazy ones, and when you’ve finished them, there are more ideas on your website.

Littlebits Gizmos and Gadgets includes a guide in English to make the first 12 inventions. A very STEAM kit that is also compatible with the rest of the Littlebits sets to create new inventions.

From 8 years old but any older child who has not touched much electronics and to share and collaborate between siblings of different ages will love it.

Meccanoid 2.0 XL by Meccano

Meccanoid 2.0 XL is a programmable and humanoid robot from the Meccano brand, which are specialists in construction sets made of metal parts. It takes some time to assemble (it includes more than 1000 pieces) and ends up being tall (122 cm). Then you can start playing with it.

Meccanoid 2.0 includes games, learning features, personality imitation, and storytelling. In addition, movements and sound can be programmed through a free block programming style app.

Robot M.A.X. by Meccano

Meccano’s Max Robot is an interactive STEM technology toy. It does not come assembled but after about 2 hours of work, it will be ready to play with it.

Much more than a programmable robot, Max combines Artificial Intelligence functions with fully customizable programming through its app. It’s a pity that it’s not better known in Spain but it has very good opinions in the USA. It seems to us a great option to give as a gift, since it combines entertainment and very educational components.