Simple Easy Doodles To Draw

A doodle is a drawing of anything, concrete or abstract, that is done while the attention is occupied with something else or when the person is bored. Sometimes they tend to be shapeless drawings, or so it seems, but they also tend to be easy drawings with very few lines.

Students often do them in school notebooks, often in the margins, made while daydreaming or losing interest in class. They are also scribbles that a person makes on a piece of paper while they are in a long telephone conversation, surely you have done it.

Many US presidents (including Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton) have scribbled in meetings. The poet and physician John Keats scribbled in the margins of his medical records. Samuel Beckett, Sylvia Plath, the mathematician Stanislaw Ulam, among others, are also famous for their doodles.

If you enjoy all things related to the sea, check out these ocean-themed cool doodles to draw. By modifying the shape and design of each creature, you can simply make it unique.

These adaptable easy to draw doodles can quickly bring a touch of beauty and nature to your journal – or anywhere you doodle!

Doodles for the Weather

Weather doodles are an excellent method to keep track of both the weather and your mood! You can use them as a mood tracker in your bullet journal to explain how you are feeling each day.

Draw Cute Leaf Doodles

These basic leaf doodles to draw may appear sophisticated, but they are made up of merely straight and curving lines. They’re not difficult to doodle at all!

Paige Larson’s Christmas Doodles Lettering: abilities

These Christmas doodles are incredibly cute and super easy to make whether you want to adorn your journal for the holidays or make your own Christmas tags.

Little Halloween Doodles to Draw Premium Vector | Halloween Doodle SetFreepik

Doodles can also be used to create a Halloween theme. Use these drawings to make treat bag labels, diary entries, and sticky notes everywhere around the house – the possibilities are unlimited!

Love Doodles Free Vector | Valentine’s Day Doodle Elements

You may demonstrate how much you care for your loved ones by leaving these amusing doodles to draw laying around for them to find. You can also include these with your child’s Valentines to give to their classmates and friends.