The 5 Best Running Shoes for grass in 2023

If you hesitate to practice this wonderful sport, we give you three reasons to start doing it:

  • Improves the sense of balance and the quality of sleep.
  • Increase resistance, memory and you will manage stress better.
  • Reduces tension, blood pressure and sugar level.

These reasons are more than enough for you to start in one of the best sports that exists. You will surely not regret it.

Best trail running shoes of 2023

If you are a lover of trail running, challenges in difficult conditions and the most difficult technical terrain, you have come to the right place. The 2021 season has received the first trail running shoes, made by the most prestigious brands, to continue offering runners the security they need in the mountains and forests. You cannot miss the best models from brands such as Saucony, New Balance, Brooks, Hoka, Salomon, Mizuno and others.

New Balance Iron V6

The New Balance Hierro V6 are one of the most resistant on the trail running market in the 2021 season. They have a breathable mesh upper, which is complemented by TPU reinforcements and a heel counter to provide support and stability. This balances support and breathability. In addition, they boast great cushioning, thanks to the Fresh Foam X foam, the most famous of the brand. This material provides reactivity and impulse to propel the runner in his races in the mountains. The most important thing is in the sole, with Vibram Megagrip rubber, which has incredible adhesion technology, to be able to run on rocky, forest, mountainous and even wet terrain.

Saucony Peregrine 11

Saucony’s new Peregrine 11 seeks the best balance between comfort, support and grip on the ground. They have a sole that has PwrTrac studs, which can adhere to a wide variety of terrains. In addition, they boast the most reactive cushioning of the brand, PwrRun, which will provide comfort throughout the race. From the outside, you can see this cushioning material, which, despite being high as a platform, has a drop that does not exceed 4MM, so as not to lose sensation of the terrain. The upper of these shoes is made of a breathable fabric, which adjusts to the shape of the feet for greater comfort and support.

Dynafit Ultra 100

These trail running shoes are characterized by their great cushioning, thanks to their Ultra 100 midsole. An absorbent foam that attenuates the impact of the strongest footsteps. But, of course, being trail running shoes, they meet the demands of difficult terrain. That is why they have a Pomoca rubber sole, which guarantees intense grip on any type of forest or mountainous terrain. In addition, this sole has a line that guides the footprint and improves the naturalness of the transitions. The upper of these shoes is characterized by being more solid, with resistant materials, although it maintains small areas of breathable mesh. The objective of the upper of these shoes is to protect the feet on the most complicated terrain.

Brooks Cascadia 15

The quality of the Brooks Cascadia 15 is its versatility, mountain shoes for running any distance and on any type of terrain, even wet. They have a rubber sole with Trail Track technology that guarantees excellent traction on the surface. In addition, these shoes have the best cushioning of the brand, BioMoGoDNA, which absorbs the most intense footsteps and provides energy return to propel the runner. The upper of the shoe has a breathable mesh upper to keep feet cool, but also features durable material overlays to create stability and ensure longer durability.

Hoka Challenger ATR 6

The Hoka Challenger ATR 6 are special shoes because they are very versatile. In fact, they could be defined as a hybrid between asphalt shoes and trail shoes. In this way, they can be used for training on all types of terrain, from asphalt streets to forest, mountainous and rocky areas. These shoes have an upper made up mostly of breathable mesh, although it is reinforced with more rigid material for protection against stones on the road. The Challenger ATR 6 is also characterized by having a very high level of cushioning, with CMEVA foam, which absorbs the most intense footsteps of heavier runners. Lastly, they have a rubber sole with specific studs to provide traction on all types of terrain.