Some Stunning Clay Crafts You Can Create

Adult air dry clay crafts that is simple and enjoyable

For amazing DIY crafts, air dry clay is a terrific material that is ideal for both beginning and experienced crafters. You can use it with your children in safety because it’s natural, non-toxic, and simple to use. This article aims to demonstrate the adaptability of air dry clay. I’ve compiled what I believe to be the greatest air dry clay suggestions for grownups.

I’ve been working with air dry clay for a while. In the past, I painted my jewelry with acrylic paint after making it (mainly earrings and a few pendants). They looked beautiful and were quite simple to create. The only drawback was how delicate they were.

I also attempted making little figures and votives out of clay, but they frequently broke. I got discouraged and stopped using air dry clay after that. I wasn’t aware of the tricks for working with clay back then.

I made this clay bird as my second air-dry clay endeavor. I did extensive research on the subject and its modifications. I got smitten!

I’ve seen several cool air dry clay design ideas over the years on Google and Pinterest. So, I made the decision a couple of weeks ago to write an article just about the best crafts made from air dry clay.

I looked for other blogs who would be willing to offer their tutorials and asked them. To make it simple for you to browse and select the ideal craft for you, I’ve organized the ideas into categories.

So let’s begin. MY top picks for adult air drying clay projects!

Clay that has air dried can be used for what

Clay that is air dried has several uses. Without any specialized tools or abilities, you can create hundreds of clay objects. Clay can be used to create a variety of items, but the most popular ones are bowls, plates, trinkets, candle holders, figurines, votives, jewelry, beads, and artwork. Or you may use the clay to adorn vases, drinking glasses, mugs, etc.

In this post, I’ve included a few intriguing, weird, and great clay ideas. Continue reading to view these amazing clay creations!

Containers and plates made of air drying clay for home decor

1. A rope-and-clay bowl

Francesca is a fantastic artist! My favorite of her many air-dry clay creations is this chic dish created with rope and clay. View the instruction on her blog, Fall For DIY!

2. Stamped Bowl

Discover how to create lovely stamped bowls with the help of this tutorial from Gathering Beauty. Keep your jewels, keys, or favorite scented candles inside!

3. Clay Bowl

I adore Little Red Window’s bohemian clay dishes! They are a wonderful illustration of how a little paint can quickly turn something plain into something beautiful!

4. Head Gardener

This Northern Feeling clay head planter is adorable. It is also rather easy to make. Additionally, you could create various faces and pair them with wacky succulent “hair.”

5. Decorative Jar

Are you a home office user? Need anything to make your workstation look nicer? Try this Delineate Your Dwelling clay jar technique. a great container to store your keys, money, paperclips, and other items. You may also include a few imitation succulents.

6. Lacey Packaging

Create these lovely and feminine clay storage containers from Design Mom to store and arrange your cosmetics!

7. Spotty Pot

I adore this clay pot by A Pretty Fix that is air dried. In this guide, Jelica not only demonstrates how to construct this pot but also offers advice on how to achieve a flawless result. (Air-dry clay pieces are difficult to assemble, preventing separation as they cure.)

8. Sculptures of cats

The following Susie Bennes tutorial will teach you how to create sculptures. The cat’s legs and tail can be shaped in such a way that you can use them as a jewelry holder. What a stylish cat!

9. Easy Bird

I have a simple guide for using air dry clay to create birds. It’s a fantastic approach to repeatedly recreate the bird. You may create lovely bird ornaments in this way for the spring or your Christmas tree.

10. The Easter Bunny

Try these adorable clay bunnies if you want a simple Easter craft idea. I adore this article since it teaches you how to construct huge, somewhat light sculptures of rabbits. They can therefore be included in wreaths.

11. Special Vase

You’ve probably previously seen a ton of crafts where the maker uses clay to cover glass to create a vase. I’ll present to you a novel idea today. This Crafts by Amanda lesson will show you how to create a lovely flower wall pocket. (Don’t fill it with water!)

12. Clay card holders

It’s really easy to follow Fall’s DIY tutorial! These clay arch holders are ideal for displaying your favorite photographs as well.

13. Moon Phase Mobile

The Merrythought’s DIY moon phase mobile will add a touch of bohemian to your decor. I adore how modest yet classy it is.

14. Ceramic Fish Art

Do you enjoy coastal interior design? You should try this DIY. This Dans le Lakehouse tutorial will teach you how to create a simple clay work of art.

15. DIY Candlestick Holder

My favorite crafts involve upcycling and recycling. This project from Wooden Pallet Projects is the ideal illustration of how to transform ‘waste’ into posh home decor using plastic bottles, air dry clay, and a little imagination.

16. Markers for herb gardens

Sustain My Craft Habit created these gorgeous marbling herb garden markers that are quite simple to make. Start with them if you want to make crafts in spring.

17. Clay gift tags with initials

Use these simple air dry clay gift tags by Sum of their Stories to personalize your wrapped presents. What’s best? The gift tags can be used as keychains by your loved ones.

18. Faux Succulents

When I discovered this tutorial by Little Red Window, I was rather taken aback. I’ve seen a number of things built out of air dry clay, including planters and flower pots, but never artificial plants! This clay succulent can be used to decorate in countless ways!

19. Clay Knobs

Do you intend to update your home’s décor? You should check out this Delineate Your Dwelling instruction! Using air dry clay and spray paint, she created beautiful clay knobs.

20. Faux Stone Bracelet

Where is the air dry clay, I wondered when I first saw this creation by Sustain my Craft Habit. They appear to be genuine stones! Although the bracelet component doesn’t appeal to me, I would make these pebbles to use as plant decorations.

21. Geometric clay earrings

Do you still have any clay that has been rolled out? Make these amazing geometric earrings by following Pop Shop America’s tutorial before kneading the materials into a ball.

22. Necklace with essential oils

With the help of this guide from Hello Glow, you can make pendants that are not only beautiful but also fragrant. Don’t like pendants? Put it on a keychain and carry it around! Your pocket or purse will have a wonderful scent!

23. Feather Earrings

I adore these feather earrings made by Little Red Window (Cassie’s blog features some incredible crafts). So simple and beautiful!

24. Marbled Clay Ring Keeper

You can make this adorable and easy clay craft! You can learn how to construct a clay cone to display your rings by following the guide provided by Sum of their Stories.

I’m going to make some incredibly adorable clay trees for Christmas using her idea.

25. Jewelry Plates

Pop Shop America makes these gorgeous clay jewelry plates that are both straightforward and lovely. The ability to modify air dry clay projects is one of their best features. After you’ve followed the tutorial, add own patterns to suit your taste!

26. Self-made game connection

You may construct this clay craft game by Lovely Indeed with your children and play it with them for years. I really adore the concept! In comparison to the plastic counterparts, it looks considerably better.

27. Matching Game

It’s very easy and enjoyable to construct Jennie Moraitis’ straightforward matching game. On a Saturday afternoon, you can make this craft with your children.

Last words about air drying clay concepts

As you can see, air dry clay may be used to create an infinite number of crafts. The only constraint is your ingenuity, therefore the sky is the limit!

It doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or tools to work with air dry clay, which makes it a great craft medium.

I sincerely hope some of these concepts helped to inspire you and that you will strive to create amazing clay creations.