Nike Dual Fusion

Another innovation from the massive shoe company is the Nike Dual Fusion, which this time has a multi-density midsole. Without a doubt, runners have noticed that Nike has “gone all in” with this new technology. As there aren’t many other manufacturers producing models with varying foam densities, runners were excited to test the Dual Fusion Run 3. Nike is marketing a well-rounded, universally designed running shoe that boasts cushioning and stability.

Nike is pushing the boundaries of what runners are expecting from them in terms of entry-level running shoe technology with the usage of a comfort core encircled by a supportive foam framework. Because elements like an inner sleeve, welded synthetic overlays, and a single layer mesh are found in considerably more expensive running shoes, novice and casual runners should pay close attention. The Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 may serve as the ideal running shoe for newbies worldwide.


  • Low-cost running sneakers with premium features
  • The toe box was supportive and comfortable for runners without making them feel limited.
  • Attractive Nike aesthetic and design; Runners liked the assortment of colors.
  • Structured support is provided via a no-sew overlay technique without causing weight gain or skin discomfort.


  • Running on the trail or in the rain made runners uncomfortable.
  • Some runners complained that the shoe’s midsole was a little too small.
  • Wider-footed runners might find these tight.


The Dual Fusion Run 3’s outsole is composed of a sturdy rubber substance. Nike didn’t overthink it because they have been using this tried-and-true method in their running shoes for a while. The runners discovered that it offered them the right traction during their runs and was quite effective at shielding them from unforeseen abrasion. An everyday runner’s outsole must be able to maintain more accurate control on a range of surfaces, not simply the gym treadmill.

Nike appears to have a great understanding of this idea. The sculpted blades and flex grooves that define the outsole also impressed runners. They observed that the movement was more organic. When considering the runner’s gait cycles, the Dual Fusion Run 3 by Nike effectively writes the book on foot mechanics. The deeper flex grooves were particularly well-received by users because they improve comfort and permit a more natural gait, stride, and toe off. All in all, the outsole update is excellent.


This is the “secret sauce” of the Dual Fusion Run 3: two distinct EVA injection densities layered on top of one another. Runners praised them for their capacity to offer a cushiony, soft sensation without sacrificing the long-lasting support they require. The Phylon-infused part of the midsole provided newbie runners with their first introduction to the world of advanced running and demonstrated the real impact that performance-focused running apparel can have.

Even though it’s difficult to explain how the two layers cooperate, all test runs agreed on the following: While the lower portion of the foam serves as a carrying mechanism for the entire shoe sole, the upper portion provides comfort and responsiveness. A superior performance will be appreciated by runners who have not worn many feature-rich running shoes.


One piece of woven mesh material makes up the upper of the Dual Fusion Run 3. Once more, Nike goes above and beyond by including a single layer mesh, a soft inner sleeve, and sturdy welded synthetic overlays. More costly running shoes have all those components and functions. The uppers provided runners with a sturdy, lightweight sensation while remaining pleasantly soft and supple.

This upper’s absence of seams guards against irritation and skin-related conditions. If you look closely, you’ll see that the lacing device and the Midfoot Webbing System are connected. One another high-end feature from Nike. The best feature of the lacing method is its capacity to suit each runner uniquely and to be changed to meet their specific needs. This is accomplished by compressing or releasing the outside cloth and inner sleeve in response to changes in the shoelace tension. An ingenious small detail that perfectly enhances a thoughtfully designed shoe.


The weight of the Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 for a men’s US 10 falls into the light category (290gm). Nike is renowned for using the lightest materials possible, and these shoes are no exception. Because these sneakers are lightweight and versatile, runners felt that they would be ideal to wear every day. The single layer mesh upper is made of an incredibly light material; runners accustomed to a heavier component were taken aback by the material’s cloth-like cross section.

The carbon rubber outsole is another extremely light component. It is incredibly lightweight, yet robust enough to withstand early wear and tear, offer runners impact absorption, and provide superior traction. Another example of how people should use components properly is the Dual Fusion Run 3.


Let’s be honest: you can pretty much tell a shoe is going to be really reasonable when the upper is nearly transparent. Even during their hottest runs, the single layer of breathable mesh did a fantastic job of keeping runners’ feet light and airy. Runners were happy to discover that, unlike to other running shoes that omit a full inner sleeve for fear of causing hotspots, the full inner sleeve does not make this shoe any hotter.

Additionally, the cloth-like material aids in wicking away perspiration and permits sufficient evaporation in a respectable length of time. All bulk from Nike’s previous version of this running shoe has been either removed or swapped out with a material that is lighter and more breathable. All things considered, this results in a shoe that is incredibly breathable.


Nike is aware that a versatile running shoe needs to be comfortable in order to be carried from the track to the gym without any trouble at all. Runners discovered that the shoe’s tongue is really covered in foam padding on the lateral collar, which keeps the shoe feeling snug and secure while still being incredibly pleasant on the foot. To avoid irritating the runner, the Achilles area’s corners are likewise rounded off and somewhat padded. Everyone who has run has tended to say that the forefoot feels freely free and comfortable since it is wide above and forward but snug on the sides. In order to ensure that the inner sleeve always stays in place and that comfort is never compromised, Nike went above and beyond when they fastened it to the sneaker’s tongue. Nike considered every possibility.


Unsurprisingly, Nike has produced another incredibly stylish and fashionable running shoe. The available colorways deviate from the conventional running shoe design and are incredibly vivid. There are five color options available, each designed to complement the runner’s unique sense of flair. The trend of wearing athletic attire for daily occasions has been increasing recently, and these Nikes only serve to intensify it. Even though you could see the Dual Fusion Run 3 in the gym, don’t be shocked if you see them at work on Fridays when business casual is the dress code. Nike sneakers are known for being both stylish and useful, and that’s not always a bad thing.


Nike took great care to ensure that this sneaker was expertly constructed, using only premium materials. Anticipate them to be long-lasting and extremely robust. When these shoes were used as their regular running shoes, runners discovered that they broke in very slowly and were incredibly resilient to debris and dust from the roads. The carbon rubber outsole is designed to withstand a lot of miles and will withstand regular wear. A more thorough examination of the construction will reveal overlays and seams that are correctly welded and stitched. You will travel hundreds and hundreds of kilometers with the Dual Fusion Run 3.


Due to appropriate input and response via the runner’s leg, the dual density injected Phylon midsole not only kept the Dual Fusion Run 3 appropriately cushioned under the runner’s foot but also offered outstanding response and an extremely intuitive overall feel. The carbon rubber outsole’s sufficient impact absorption, according to runners, allowed it to last through their lengthy runs without wearing down or losing its responsiveness with time. Runners reported them to be quite stable, however on wet pavement, the heel cushion offered a little less reaction.


In terms of support, the Nike Dual Fusion Run 3 placed highly on the runners’ charts. You should be pleasantly pleased by the amount of support these running shoes provide, even if you are not an experienced runner. And that’s precisely how Nike had it planned. Their goal was to develop a low-cost running shoe that would provide newbies with all the features of a high-end, conventional daily trainer. The support system impressed runners, from the welded synthetic overlays to the high-end lacing system. Additionally, you should anticipate experiencing a high level of support from the mid-sole’s blend of foam densities. In order to provide runners with greater support, Nike made sure to implement the required changes from the previous editions.


This shoe is well-liked by runners for both regular asphalt runs and treadmill marathons. After several months of constant use, the carbon runner outsole is the perfect material to provide runners with traction and still show very little wear. In rainy situations, runners did experience a decrease in responsiveness and traction. They sensed that the shoes’ usual “grippy” quality would give in a little after a downpour. Additionally, running in the rain will get your foot wet because the single-layered mesh upper is not water resistant.


This shoe’s affordable pricing was the driving force for its design and production. Despite packing the Dual Fusion Run 3 with a ton of new features and material enhancements, Nike kept the price tag of the shoe the same, which pleased both runners and shoe fans. Without a doubt, one of the best deals available is this shoe. You’ll be more than happy with the pricing of this highly regarded running shoe when you consider the quality of manufacture and the luxurious inside sleeve.

Important Features:

• The upper made of a single layer of mesh offers a better fit and a supportive running experience.

•The strong Phylon layer in Nike’s dual-density midsole structure provides stability.

•A cushioned, silky Phylon core inside for a comfortable ride.

•The waffle-pattern outsole facilitates a seamless transition from heel to toe.

• Weighing only 290 grams.

In summary

There is absolutely nothing lacking with the Nike Dual Fusion Run 3. After testing them out on both short and long runs, runners thought these shoes were excellent because of their sturdy feel. Furthermore, the incorporation of high-quality materials and strategically placed padding renders these shoes an ideal advancement above their predecessors. Nike wants to provide new or frugal runners with an excellent, feature-rich running shoe at an affordable price point. The Dual Fusion Run 3 is the ideal everyday running shoe if you’re searching for something well-made and distinctively Nike. The “serious running shoe club” now charges a reduced admission price.