Best Running Shoes for Calf Pain

Shoes to avoid calf overload

Are calf and/or soles overload problems preventing you from enjoying running 100%? There is no magic shoe that will solve it on its own, but some models may be more suitable than others to minimize these discomforts.

Every runner is different, but for recurring problems with loaded calves, shoes with a high drop, firm and stable cushioning are usually recommended. For example, the following models meet these characteristics:

Saucony Ride 14

  • Interrogation For runners between 65 and 80 kilos and women runners between 50 and 65. Quite versatile in terms of pace and distance.
  • Man 283 grams for a 42.5 man. Drop 8 (36/28).
  • Woman 244 grams for a size 38.5. Drop 8 (36/28).
  • Star 15 Tact pulling firm and remarkable stability.
  • Star 15 Men under 65 kg and women under 50 may not notice the expected firmness.

Saucony Ride 14, Men (includes Special Width versions) Saucony Ride 14, Men (includes Special Width versions)

Saucony Ride 14, Woman Saucony Ride 14, Woman

Nike Vaporfly Next%2

  • Interrogation Its particular geometry and its top-of-the-range materials (including carbon plate) allow athletes like Roberto Alaiz to affirm that they leave “the cufflinks like new”.
  • 196 grams for a men’s size 42.5. Drop 8 (40/32).
  • Star 15 Lightness, cushioning and speed (the latter as long as you have a minimum of running technique).
  • Star 15 It’s obvious: its price.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 – Men’s Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 2 – Men’s

In general, thanks to their combination of a stiff plate with very large midsole profiles, carbon plate shoes can be a solution to your calf problems.

By the way, if you are a heavy runner with a neutral tread, the Saucony Triumph are better options for calf pain than the Ride and Vaporfly Next%.


Mizuno Inspire 16

  • Interrogation Ideal for mild or medium pronators up to 85 kg.
  • 289 grams for a men’s size 42. Drop 12 (32/20).
  • star 15 Firm touch, stability and drop 12. The ideal combination for calf problems.
  • star 15 If you are one of those looking for nice sneakers… we understand your reluctance towards the Inspire.

Mizuno Inspire 16 men Mizuno Inspire 16 men

We receive many inquiries in which shoes are blamed for all kinds of discomfort or looking for magic recipes such as which is the best shoe to protect the Achilles tendon. If the choice of footwear is not correct, physical problems usually arrive, but the appropriate model does not 100% free from ills either because many other factors come into play.

The above being true, to try to avoid gastronomies and soles pain it is not only key to choose the best shoes for you. Calf sleeves for shin splints are also usually a good option to prevent calf overloads.

But in addition, for example, the surface also influences. Do you usually run on asphalt? Then try running on softer surfaces like dirt.

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With everything we have told you in this post, you already have enough information to, at the very least, minimize your gastronomies and soles problems. So choose the right footwear and fully enjoy your favorite sport again.