Kleinfeld Bridal Wedding Dresses

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On This Kleinfeld Show, Health Has Affected The Bride’s Confidence

Due to certain problems with her health, this girlfriend’s belly tends to look a bit bulging, which detracts from her confidence. For this reason, she goes in search of a dress that helps her hide the areas that give her insecurity.

This girlfriend wants to show off her weight loss on the show

Her body has changed a lot and she feels really overwhelmed, because she doesn’t know which silhouette will be the one that suits her the most.

Her wedding dress is not how she remembers it

Jo-anne arrives for the first fitting of her wedding dress on the show one year after buying it. When she sees it, she is surprised, because she is not how she remembers it, since she decided to buy it in ivory color.

This bride arrives in love with a special dress

Kirstie arrives with a special wedding dress on her mind, but she’s way over budget. Will she be able to find another dress that will make her forget the previous one?

These brides want to look like “hot moms”

These two brides want to dazzle everyone on their wedding day and show that, even as mothers, they can look attractive and sexy.

A dress that pleases her twins

The most important role in Debbie’s life is that of her mother, so she wants to find the perfect wedding dress for both her and her twins.

A modest dress for church

Maryse arrives at the last fitting of her dress. She feels that an off-the-shoulder wedding dress is more her style, but she doesn’t know if it will be much skin to show at church.

She wants to feel sexy again after her pregnancy

This bride was a mother recently, so she has been slow to go in search of the ideal dress for her. On today’s show she is looking for that dress that makes her feel sensual, daring and attractive again.

A dress for Vicky Pattison at Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses

The TV presenter, Vicky Pattison, is looking for a wedding dress that she will leave everyone speechless. Something a little different from what her boyfriend wants, because he expects to see her in a discreet, simple and elegant dress.

Heels too high for the dress?

As Amy’s wedding day approaches, she arrives for the final fitting of her wedding dress. The problem? She bought some very high heels without taking into account the length of her dress. Will the dress be short because of the chosen shoes?

This bride wants to highlight her best attribute

This bride arrives with the illusion of finding a mermaid-cut dress that will help her highlight her small waist and her wide hips. On the other hand, her mom dreams of seeing her in a princess dress.

Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses

This girlfriend wants to show off her tattoos

Hazelle wants a dress in the style of Marilyn Monroe and for her to expose her tattoos. However, her stepmother disagrees, as she thinks her tattoos take away from her delicacy and femininity. Can they reach an agreement?

Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses

She gained weight and the dress of her dreams doesn’t fit her

Donna is worried, because she arrives at her second dress fitting with a few extra pounds. Although she manages to zip it up, the fabric of hers is too tight and she could break at any moment. Just two months into her marriage, will she be able to get her dress in a larger size?

A Cinderella dress for an Olympic runner

Marilyn Okoro is in search of the ideal wedding dress. While she at first took a chance on a mermaid silhouette, in her dreams she always looked like a princess on her wedding day.

Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses

A very difficult entourage to convince at Kleinfeld Wedding Dresses

Catherine’s mom can’t be present at her search for her ideal dress, so she brings along an entourage of three friends. Unfortunately for the bride, they have very different visions of what she should wear on her wedding day.

Her wedding dress does not fit her due to her pregnancy

This bride is devastated to find that her dream dress doesn’t fit due to her recent pregnancy. Can it be altered to be her new size?

This bride came up with the idea of getting a princess-style dress. Her mother, on the other hand, wanted a tight one that would highlight her figure. Following the advice of her mother, this bride will end up loving the dress that she had hated at first.

Mother-in-law and girlfriend want a princess dress

This bride wants a beautiful princess dress, her mother-in-law agrees with her, but considers that none of it lives up to the elegance that she has in mind.

A wedding dress to ride a donkey?

Jodie arrives at the final fitting of her wedding dress. Despite the fact that the dress is extremely tight and barely closes her, she is satisfied. Now it will be necessary to see if it will be comfortable enough to reach the reception by donkey.

A bride with many demands and a low budget

Marion wants a very classy wedding dress, but there’s nothing within her budget that meets her long list of demands.