Blippi Costume Tips

Cuteness Paradise! Prepare for your heart to explode as you see your child Be Like Blippi! Fancy dress is usually a lot of fun for kids. Putting your children in a fancy dress costume has been shown to help with their social and emotional development. Using their imagination as a springboard allows them to interact and engage with other children while also gaining confidence to speak to adults.

Dress-up play entails more than simply donning a costume. Anyone can dream, hope, and engage their imagination through role play. It allows children to pretend to be someone or something else. Expect your own Blippi to mimic their favorite character’s demeanor, and they may even invent their own unique qualities and themes! All of this enables children to ‘think outside the box,’ experiment with new emotions, and communicate using their language skills. Your child may explore the world in the snazziest orange bow tie and suspenders, just like their good friend, Blippi!

This Blippi costume is a must-have for fans of the one and only Blippi for any occasion, including fancy dress parties, Halloween, and World Book Day, as well as just for fun around the house! Be Like Blippi Role Play allows your child to dress up and explore the world around them in the same way as their favorite edutainer does! And dressing up in Blippi’s distinctive hat and glasses has never been more fun!

Prepare to take a hundred pictures of your little sweetie dressed as Blippi! And if you do, please share photos with us here, as we enjoy hearing your feedback and seeing your own Blippi’s come to life in our fancy dress suit.

The clip-on bow tie and very attractive braces make dressing up fun for young fans!

The classic bright orange suspenders are adjustable to fit people of different sizes!

Be Like Blippi Role Play includes everything your child needs to dress up like Blippi!

Specifications for the product:

  • Ages 3 and up are recommended.
  • 1 × Clip-on bow tie, 1 x bright orange suspenders and spectacles.
  • Beware of imitations; this is the only Official Blippi fancy dress outfit.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • EAN: 191726016199.

WARNING(S): Only for personal use.

WARNING(S): Only for personal use.