How to Make Super Bouncy Balls

Summer is a terrific time to unwind with the kids, but boredom may set in quickly! I feel like I’m constantly coming up with exciting activities to keep my three munchkins entertained.

We’ve had a lot of fun this summer making various sorts of slime (our favorite is still this Super Easy Glitter Slime), so we have a lot of slime-making supplies.

We discovered a few instructions online for making our own DIY bouncy balls out of slime ingredients, so it looked like an ideal kids craft to do.

We tried a recipe we found online and were disappointed with the results. The balls didn’t look particularly appealing, and they weren’t really bouncing.

Balls That Aren’t So Bouncy!

Super Simple DIY Bouncy Balls | A fun and exciting method for making your own bouncy balls that your children will enjoy! Wonderful children’s craft!The majority of homemade bouncy ball recipes call for cornstarch and white glue. This is a picture of the balls we created with this recipe.

Yes, these were enjoyable to build, however when we bounced them, they only bounced about 5 inches. Not at all what we expected!

Some of the directions we saw even mentioned combining two colors to make tie-dye. No, not so much! They simply transformed into browny-green lumps!

Make Your Own Bouncy Balls

So there you have it! Our recipe for highly bouncy balls requires only THREE ingredients (one of which is water!).


    1/2 cup hot water

    1 tablespoon borax

    1 to 2 tablespoons clear Elmer’s glue (or clear glitter glue)

A few words about these elements

Borax: I mentioned it in my Glitter Slime piece, but I wanted to reiterate it here.

I’m aware that there has been a lot of talk recently regarding Borax not being safe to use in crafts. I’ve used it for years to make slime (and other crafts) with no difficulties (and I’ve made it with dozens of youngsters).

I did some research and discovered that the overwhelming advice is that it is safe to use IF utilized appropriately.

        Use a very little amount and make sure it is completely dissolved before usage. If it is used without first diluting it, it may cause burns or skin irritation.

    If you or your child have a skin problem or sensitive skin, avoid using it (or wear gloves when mixing it).

    Keep an eye on children and make sure they do not put their hands in their mouths after using it.

    And, like with any craft activity, remember to wash your hands afterward!

Glitter Glue: After we ran out of Elmer’s Glitter Glue, we still wanted to make more (it’s addicting! ), so we experimented with dollar store glitter glue. Nope! It simply did not work. Elmer’s glue has a distinct flavor that distinguishes it from other glues.

Making Super Bouncy Balls

Step 1: Prepare the Borax Solution

(This step is usually best done by an adult.)

Stir together 1/2 cup warm water and 1 tablespoon borax until thoroughly dissolved (add extra water if it does not dissolve completely).

Step 2: Apply Glue

Pour the necessary amount of glue into the bowl of borax solution.

When the glue comes into contact with the borax solution, it begins to solidify. Squeeze and crush the glue ball gently until it is no longer sticky.

Remove from the borax solution and roll in your palms to form a ball.

    It should be noted that the adhesive, not the borax solution, will harden. You’ll be left with a bowl of solution, which you may use to make as many highly bouncy balls as you like!

That’s all! How simple is that? And they actually BOUNCE!

A word of caution. These bouncing balls are actually very thick slime. If you leave them for any amount of time, they will gradually flatten and form a disc. However, it is quite simple to reshape them into balls by rolling them in your palm.