Royal Blue Converse Shoes

Try something new with your shoe collection by adding the newest Converse sneakers for kids, ladies, and men. Modern staples like Converse All Stars trainers in sleek black and white leather are available, as well as vibrant designs and striking forms for the daring.

Explore Converse Australia’s selection of blue sneakers. No matter the event or activity, our selection of blue sneakers elevates your look and is ideal for regular wear while also pushing your creative boundaries. Get blue Chuck Taylor All Star, Chuck 70, and more items. Go through Converse Australia’s whole selection of colored sneakers right now.

An absolute classic

The authentic blue Chuck Taylor All Star Classic low top sneakers. Streetwear for every day use that complements any ensemble. When you can stand out, it’s difficult to fit in. Style your ensemble with these timeless pieces.


  • Canvas upper for comfortable, flexible weight
  • Rubber sole with vulcanization for durability
  • Upper eyelets improve ventilation

Chuck Taylor Original All-Star

The All Star was first marketed by basketball legend Chuck Taylor for its exceptional court performance. It was designed in 1917 as a non-skid basketball shoe. But throughout the years, an amazing thing occurred: rebels, artists, musicians, dreamers, intellectuals, and originals naturally embraced the sneaker, with its classic silhouette and distinctive ankle patch.