The 2024 Best Running Shoes for Knee Pain

Every movement of a joint has some danger; inactivity does not exist in the real world. Running can cause your knees to ache so much that the cartilage in your knee joint gradually deteriorates. In addition to knee pain that can radiate to the hips and knees, this also causes plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and other conditions.

Knee pain could eventually arise from your jogging style. For example, when you strike your heel, the force of your stride travels up your legs, into your knees, and into your heel block. It is best to tread with your front or center foot to avoid this.

All you need are running shoes with enough padding, soft midsoles, soft arch support, and a midsole that effectively reduces stress to bid adieu to those bothersome knee issues.

You may enjoy jogging more and experience less knee discomfort if you use good running shoes. Following your doctor’s clearance to start running again, these shoes can assist cushion your knees and joints so you can have an incredible run.

Best Athletic Shoes for Arthritis

Hoka Arahi 6

The Arahi was created by Hoka for people who don’t like the rigidity and stiffness that stability shoes usually have. It’s possible that this Arahi model has Hoka’s J-Frame technology installed.

J-Frame technology is a molded foam element shaped like a j that is intended to give support and comfort where it’s most needed—at the inside or medial edge of your shoe. This creative design reduces weight while providing a responsive, comfortable ride without the use of stiff, inflexible materials.

Customers laud this shoe for its stability, which makes it ideal for anyone who don’t want to aggravate any existing ankle, shin, or knee conditions.

  • 269 grams in weight
  • There is a 5 millimeter difference in height between the toe and heel horizontal levels. additional cushioning for those who fall on their heels.)
  • Neutral stability: this refers to the state in which runners with a normal gait do not employ assistive technology to counteract over- or underpronation.
  • Cushion: responsive (because of the lower-level cushioning, toe off fast and responsively)
  • Fit: Perfect to the size
  • This trainer is very sensitive and has excellent dynamic stability, making it an excellent option.
  • Steer clear of: It’s possible that updates to older models aren’t that significant.
  • The star rating is 4.52/5 based on 327 reviews from Amazon,, and Hoka.

Adrenaline GTS 22 by Brooks

What sets these sneakers apart is Brooks’ clever GuideRails design. The guiding rails give each wearer a personalized experience while offering support and preventing excessive ankle movement. You’re not even aware that you’re receiving the assistance you require.

The upper of this shoe is form-fitting, efficiently ventilates, and maintains the luxurious comfort you’ve come to expect from Brooks. Still, overall, it looks good. All of this makes longer runs feel more manageable. You can even check how well your ankle is supported as it touches the ground while you’re running.

All age groups can also wear these knee pain footwear. Putting on these shoes, elderly individuals can put a stop to their pain by running.

  • The weight was 289.2g.
  • Midsole drop: The height difference between the horizontal levels of the toe and the midsole is 12 mm. additional cushioning for those who fall on their heels.)
  • Experience: cushion (for runners who require cushioning to support their stride and don’t want to use trail or speed shoes)
  • Assistance: providing support (Support is the quantity with which your body alters from its typical movement pattern throughout the adjustment from a relaxed to a running stride. The Brooks support systems assist high deviators in realigning their bodies with their natural gaits.)
  • Fit: Perfect to the size.
  • ✅ Purchases are justified by the strong style, dependable brand, and first-rate assistance.
  • Based on 633 reviews on and 792 reviews throughout Brooks, the star rating is 4.2 out of 5.
  • Avoidance factors include: Fewer color options and larger size options for thin feet. Perhaps not as good as the previous 21st century.

The Asics GT 2000

Running with heavy heel strikes may exacerbate knee discomfort because the stress travels up the leg and erodes the knee cartilage. Consider purchasing a shoe designed with heel shock absorption in mind if walking on your heels causes you knee pain.

In case you prefer additional cushioning in the heel area, the ASICS GT-2000 10 is a great option. Firm rubber outsole, padded insole, and thick layer of EVA foam combine to offer plenty of cushioning that will be welcomed by heavy heel strikers. This model has upgraded FlyteFoam Propel technology, a yellow substance that gives every step more spring. The heel also has ASICS GEL technology for even softer landings.

The area that takes in stress helps to stop energy from traveling down the legs and into the knees.

  • Weighing 280g
  • Heel to Toe Drop: The difference in height between the horizontal levels of the heel and toe is 8mm. additional cushioning for those who fall on their heels.)
  • Consistency: for too pronators (The inner border of the foot bears weight instead of the ball when the foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls unnaturally inward.)
  • Cushion: balanced (a layer of FLYTEFOAMTM Propel cushioning underfoot helps your step rebound more rapidly.)
  • Fit: True to size in both width and length.
  • ✅ Motives for buying: Some reviewers claim that compared to previous versions, this shoe is less supportive of overpronators.
  • Steer clear of these reasons: Some negative reviews claim that it may not be as helpful for over-pronators as previous versions.
  • Based on 186 reviews on ASICS and 11 reviews on, the star rating is 4.6 out of 5.

Gaviota Hoka 4

The Gaviota 4 paradigm should not be applied to overpronators, according to Hoka. One of Hoka’s softer running shoes, the Gaviota 4, provides even more cushioning and stability than the Arahi, while also providing enough stability to correct overpronation.

Knee pain is often caused by overpronating, or the runner’s foot sinking in too much. A superb shoe usually overcomes these issues by enhancing cushioning and comfort and aiding in foot steering and control during running.

The Gaviota 4 can perform both tasks because to the invention of the J-Frame. If you have knee issues brought on by overpronation, the J-Frame is a j-shaped support structure that runs the length of the shoe to give medial (inside) aid to your foot.

This shoe’s “cloud-like” cushioning is a blend of EVA and rubber foam. The Gaviota 4 is one of Hoka’s lightest shoes for knee pain.

  • 319 grams in weight
  • There is a 5 millimeter difference in height between the toe and heel horizontal levels. additional cushioning for those who fall on their heels.)
  • Stability is steady for runners who tend to twist their ankle inward or overpronate.
  • Plush cushions provide the maximum amount of cushioning for a smooth and impact-free ride.
  • Fit: Perfect to the size.
  • ✅ Advantages of buying: very stable and comfortable.
  • Avoid: These sneakers don’t move as swiftly as other versions because of the plush cushioning.
  • The star rating is 4.53/5 based on 228 reviews from, Hoka, and Amazon.